FAN Monitoring

Cloud AI-based Speech Analytics solution for Contact Centers.

SAVE UP TO 50% with FAN Monitoring

Automated Monitoring can save up to 50% of your monitoring time and multiply your ROI coming from customer experience and satisfaction real-time insights. 

FAN Monitoring is a fully cloud-powered solution that can easily be integrated with your phone switches and all your customer voice channels to start generating strategic CX insights, based on real-time analysis.

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Seamless Integration

Connect your switches, phone technology, and all your voice channels to FAN, using our simple API and, start analyzing your customers' voice in real-time. 

Measure, Coach, Excel

Analyze Voice of the Customer, Brand, and Products impact at every voice channel. Coach and train your front-line employees and defeat your competitors. 

Develop Intelligence

Generate real-time insights for every CX and performance metric you include in your FAN Analytics models. Connect FAN to your BI tools and go even further.

Measure Performance

Improve Customer Experience with speech Analytics. Track talk time, first call resolution, silence and over talk, objection management, lost sales, and other important sales and service Key Performance Indicators.

Integrate with your Contact Center Software

FAN Monitoring connects to more than 100 Voice platforms including Avaya, Cisco, Broadsoft, Asterisk, Siemens, Neotel among other recognized platforms. FAN also provides an easy-to-use API to upload your voice interactions into our Monitoring Engine.

Analyze Voice of Customers

Every interaction counts and provides key information and trends that can help you to redesign your services and processes in a way that your customers will love.

Your Customers Voice
where it matters

Connect yout telefphony systems and voice channels to FAN Monitoring, design your Experience monitoring models with our easy-to-use form editor tool and start obtaining real-time insights and feedback from every customer word.

FAN Monitoring Advantages

  1. 100% AUTOMATED MONITORING - You can track all your voice interactions and automatically monitor Voice of Customers, Brand, Products and Team Performance.

  2. MONITORING WORKFLOW - Combine Automated and traditional Contact Center Monitoring by narrowing the interaction universe to meaningful samples for every case (positive or negative interactions).

  3. AUTOMATED COACHING - Create coaching and training content that will be automatically delivered to your service representatives based on AI performance analysis.

  4. CALIBRATION - Calibrate your evaluation criteria by inviting all process participants to interprete and evaluate sample interactions carefully selected due to its educational value.

  5. TRAINING NEEDS - FAN Monitoring helps you to perform training needs analysis for your Customer Service Representatives and to design the best training courses based on this information. 

  6. ALERTS - Define different types of alerts and notifications that can automatically be routed to the proper team members. 

  7. INSTANT FEEDBACK - Provide feedback right after interactions are monitored and fuel your frontline teams with on-the-fly tips and advise that will help them to become service super starts. 

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FAN Monitoring is preferred by Customer Service and Customer Experience Executives
looking for diving into meaningful data  in order to innovate and create new processes and policies that delight customers and employees.

"The permanent feedback process we were able to establish with FAN, allows us to collect real-time feedback and insights across our organization"

Claudia P. Franco
Itaú, Colombia

"Working with FAN Monitoring meant to unify our monitoring process into a seamless permanent improvement workflow"

Camilo Pérez Labory
IBR Latam, Chile.

"FAN helps us to gather employee feedback and to generate highly valuable insights that show us where we are standing and how to proceed to quickly improve employee experience" 

Daniela Amirás
Naranja, Argentina.

Our Clients

Top Clients from the Corporate and BPO spaces trust FAN Monitoring.

Why FAN Monitoring?

Our Speech and Text Analytics Monitoring Solution is the most flexible and easy
to integrate with your every day working environment.

Flexible Cloud

FAN Monitoring is a Cloud Solution you can access from every device and corporate environment.

Easy and Simple to Use

Just create the experience or quality forms and start measuring all communication channels.

Secure In-house

FAN Monitoring can be installed and deployed at your own servers to ensure compliance and your security policies.

Unlimited Accounts

FAN Monitoring gives you the freedom to analyze multiple channels for unlimited organizations and accounts. 

Ready to see how FAN Monitoring can help improve Customer Experience?


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